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We Are the Silver Age Sentinels!

Liberty. Justice. Security. Peace. These are the four pillars of a better world: a land of hope, freedom, and truth, where life is not a burden to endure but a joy to experience. There are threats you cannot conquer, tragedies you cannot avoid, and sins you cannot punish. We are here to help. We will support you when you stumble, keep watch when you sleep, and help you achieve the unreachable. We will show you how to touch Paradise. We are The Sentinels, and you are safe on our watch.

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'Unofficial' Venture Bros. Homage Group Casting Call

biomimetic1, Sep 15, 14 6:08 PM.
Check the forum post here.

Add your name and join our new homage group! Laughs and random violence for all!

Dr. Orpheus: Triad! Be unseen!

Jefferson Twilight: Was something supposed to happen? Are we invisible now, or something?

Dr. Orpheus: No, I meant that we should hide. Just like behind something.

The Alchemist: Well be specific next time.

Panic in the Disco Inferno / Steel Crusade and Double XP!

13Runes, Sep 9, 14 7:02 AM.

Sentinels, the Steel Crusade update is almost upon us, and Millennium City will need all the help it can get to defeat Mechanon, who is one of the most dangerous villains in the Champions lore. Originally designed in the future to go back in time and prevent an ecological apocalypse, time travel corrupted his programming, turning the Savior Unit into Mechanon, the sworn enemy of all organic life!

Our story begins in Millennium City, where things are really heating up as citizens are spontaneously bursting into flame. With the help of Professor Silverback, you’ll need to help save citizens by shrinking down to microscopic size to enter the human brain and investigate the cause of the malady.

Once you’ve found the cause, it will be time to find the source and eliminate it. But Mechanon won’t be stopped easily, and you’ll need to take him on directly in Part 2 of Steel Crusade, launching on 9/18!

These missions are balanced primarily for solo play, and you can start these missions as low as level 18 – all the enemies will adapt to your level, so it’ll be a worthy challenge. Each of these missions is daily, and rewards include the new Mechanon Coalition Recognition. Soon you’ll be able to trade this Recognition in for cool rewards.

Learn more at this exciting link, and don't forget to log in this weekend to get your very own FREE Until Shuttle vehicle! Log in the weekend after Part 1 launches to claim your gifts, because they will only be available for a limited time. All this and another double XP weekend!

Start: Friday 9/12 @ 11am

End: Monday 9/15 @ 11am

Plus, if you’re a costume expert, check out our forum-based Robot Costume Contest. We want to see the costumes you’re designing for your Reawakened Automaton, and we’re going to be giving away rewards to our favorites.


biomimetic1, Aug 22, 14 5:31 PM.

They're doing it again. This time for the new Steel Crusade update. Get your XP while it's hot.

Find this lovely lady outside the Millennium City Powerhouse:

Start time:
11:45am Pacific, 8/22

End time: 11am Pacific, 8/25

See you in game folks- let's get teaming and avoid the PUG grind.

Double XP Weekend Starting 4/25

13Runes, Apr 21, 14 5:02 PM.
Cryptic just can't give us enough XP.

Get the new alts out, and finish off any mid-ways, because it's time for another Double XP Weekend. Holy Sheee-it!

Cryptic says,
"Yo Dawg, I heard you like double XP on your XP, so we're givin' you another Double XP weekend to go with that last double XP."

Defend the Artemis!

13Runes, Feb 25, 14 4:07 PM.
Defend the Artemis as Globe and the Sentinels move to defend a hotspot from dangerous activity!


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